71st UNGA - Explanations of vote on cluster "nuclear weapons" on behalf of the P3 (10.27.2016).

General statement and explanations of vote delivered on behalf of the United States of America, France and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, by Ms. Alice Guitton, Ambassador, Permanent representative of France to the Conference on Disarmament, during the framework "action on draft resolutions" of the First Committee of the 71st United Nations General Assembly, on the 27 of october, 2016.

General statement before the votes :

- L.28 : Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty

Explanations of vote before the vote :

- Humanitarian resolutions :

- L.23 - Humanitarian Consequences of Nuclear Weapons,
- L.24 - Humanitarian Pledge for the Prohibition and Elimination of Nuclear Weapons,
- L.36 - Ethical imperatives for a nuclear-weapon-free world.

- L.41 : Taking forward multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations

Explanations of vote after the votes :

- L.31 : Nuclear-weapon-free southern hemisphere and adjacent areas

- L.33 : Decreasing the operational readiness of nuclear weapons systems

- L.35 : Towards a nuclear-weapon-free world: accelerating the implementation of nuclear disarmament commitments

- L.64 : Follow-up to the 2013 high-level meeting of the General Assembly on nuclear disarmament;

publié le 31/10/2016

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