ATT : Informal constultations for the first Conference of State Parties (Mexico, 8 & 9 September, 2014) [fr]

JPEG Mexico welcomed on the 8th and the 9th of September a meeting within the framework of the preparatory process to the entry into force of the Arms Trade Treaty. The meeting was about a first informal discussion on decisions that must be taken during the first conference of State Parties to the Treaty (implementation of a secretariat, definition of a perimeter and the terms of the national reports, rules of procedure...). This meeting responds to the framework of several informal talks. The next one is being held in Berlin at the end of November.

For the record, the entry into force of the Treaty must happen 90 days after the 50th ratification. Today; 45 States have ratified the Treaty, including France.

The French delegates delivered interventions in English on the temporary secretariat (read), on the Secretariat (read) and on funding (read).

publié le 28/07/2016

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