CCW - Amended Protocol II - National statement under item 6 of the agenda - Meeting of the High Contracting Parties - Geneva, 15 November 2022 [fr]


Mr Chairperson,

Our congratulations on your Presidency. My delegation fully supports you and associates itself with the speech made on behalf of the European Union.

France is committed to the amended Protocol II, which sets out standards that are more ambitious and better adapted to the current state of international humanitarian law than the original Protocol II. We believe that it should eventually become the single standard for mines, booby traps and other devices in the framework of our Convention. The coexistence of the two protocols and therefore of two different standards can only lead to confusion that is detrimental to the comprehensibility of the Convention.

Mr Chairperson,

I would like to say a few words about improvised explosive devices, a topic that France is coordinating within amended Protocol II.

These weapons, sometimes manufactured on an industrial scale by non-state actors and deployed over very large areas, have devastating effects well beyond the battlefield, in the medium and long term, on both social and family structures. They pose a threat to human health and safety, access to polluted areas, humanitarian action and economic development.

To address this threat, France will pursue its coordination efforts within the framework of the IED expert group, which it will continue to coordinate in order to deepen its work in 2023. We welcome the adoption, during the French presidency of the CCW Review Conference last December, of the revised political declaration, as well as the revised questionnaire on improvised explosive devices.

These efforts are also reflected in France’s financial support for projects aimed at preventing this threat and combating improvised explosive devices and their consequences. The efforts made in this regard are significant. It has supported the self-assessment tool developed by UNIDIR in 2020 to help States set up prevention and response mechanisms. This self-assessment tool is a solid instrument which, if used by the majority of countries facing the risk of use of improvised explosive device, will increase the overall level of security in the world. France’s contribution also includes funding research programmes such as the Small Arms Survey programme on improvised explosive devices, particularly in the West African region. It also supports the work of the NGO Action on Armed Violence.

More broadly, I note that the discussions conducted within the CCW framework have allowed for substantial discussions on best practices in the detection, disposal and clearance of improvised explosive devices and victim assistance.

Finally, Ukraine, since Russia’s aggression on its territorial integrity, is particularly threatened by the indiscriminate use of mines and booby traps which particularly affect civilians. We call on Russia to respect international humanitarian law, to cease hostilities and to withdraw its troops from all Ukrainian territory.

Thank you./.

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publié le 28/11/2022

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