Convention on cluster munitions: intersessional meeting (Geneva, 22nd & 23rd of June, 2015) [fr]

The intersessional meetings of the State-parties to Convention on cluster munitions (CCM) were held in Geneva from the 22nd to the 24th of June, 2015.

France was represented by the Ambassador Yves Marek, thematic ambassador to the national commission for the elimination of anti personnal mines, as well as Mr Dietmar Petrausch, counselor to the Directorate of arms control and the OSCE, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International development.

Find here the interventions delivered by them during these three days :

- Intervention on the universalisation of the Convention by the Ambassador Marek ;
- Intervention on the stockpiles destruction within the framework of the CCM, by Mr Petrausch ;
- Intervention on the coordiation « stockpiles destruction » section with Albania, statement delivered by the coordinators Mrs Dorina Xhixho and Mr Yves Marek, Ambassador, France.

publié le 11/06/2020

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