Disarmament: Visit of the converted dismantled military nuclear facilities of the Plateau d’Albion (18th of May, 2015) [fr]

Within the framework of its transparency efforts regarding disarmament, France organised on the 18th of June, 2015, a tour of its dismantled military nuclear facilities of the Plateau d’Albion. Representatives from around 30 member states of the Conference on Disarmament have been able to visit the former intercontinental ballistic missiles silos locations and command and shooting facilities, today dismantled and converted for civilian activities or conventional military. They have been able to witness the concrete effects of the decision of France in 1996 to give up its ground-based nuclear component from its deterrence.

This visit, announced by the President of the Republic in Istres on the 19th of February, shows once again the exemplarity of France regarding transparency, with the opening of the air base of Luxeuil in April. The President of the Republic had called for all the states having a nuclear capability to do the same truth effort, wishing that the visit of the new French facilities “inspires other nuclear powers, with visits to which our experts could also participate to”.

In 2008, France had already opened its door to former fissile material production facilities for nuclear weapons in Pierrelatte and Marcoule to more than forty representatives of member States of the Conference on Disarmament, then in 2009 to more than twenty non-governmental experts and around thirty French and foreign journalists. France was the first nuclear-weapon State to take such a transparency measure.

publié le 21/08/2017

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