First Committee of the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly [fr]

The First Committee of the 70th United Nations General Assembly ended on the 6th of November in New York.
The First Committee enables each year to examine the issues in relation to disarmament and international security (nuclear disarmament, conventional weapons, outer space, other weapons of mass destruction, regional dimensions of disarmament and disarmament machinery).
As each year, France is actively present on the whole range of topics covered by the first committee.

Find below links to France-related news at the First Committee :

France organized, jointly with its American, British, Chinese and Russian partners, a side event, in order to present the P5 process and activities, as a support to the implementation of the NPT. This side event fits into the framework of the P5 activities coordination, led this year by France. More...

France presents this year two resolutions :

A resolution in the convention field, presented jointly with Germany: “Problems arising from the accumulation of conventional ammunition stockpiles in surplus” : see the document

A resolution linked to the disarmament machinery: “35th anniversary of UNIDIR”: see the document

You can also find the French interventions during the different hematic clusters :

General debate statement

"Nuclear disarmament" statement

"Outer space" statement

"Other weapons of mass destruction

"Conventional weapons" statement

"Disarmament machinery" statement

as well as explanations of vote or position.

publié le 19/07/2016

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