Generation Equality Forum [fr]


The Generation Equality Forum, co-hosted by France and Mexico, is a global gathering for gender equality organized by UN Women in cooperation with civil society. This global gathering, originally scheduled for May and July 2020, has been postponed to the first half of 2021. It will bring together different stakeholders, including from civil society, the private and public sectors, trade unions and the media, with the key objective to chart forward a fresh and bold feminist agenda.

This forum, which will take the form of a global public discussion that is both multi-stakeholder and intergenerational, will set up six Action Coalitions, in which France will participate actively, with a view to catalyze collective action, spark global and local conversations among generations, drive increased public and private investment, and deliver concrete, game-changing results across generations for girls and women.

The work of these Action Coalitions will be based on specific themes, including "Gender-Based Violence", which should take into account the issue of women in conflict zones, which has also gained considerable momentum within the various disarmament instruments and fora. Thus, each Actions Coalitions will launch a targeted set of concrete, ambitious and immediate actions within the period of 2020-2025 to deliver tangible impact on gender equality and girls’ and women’s human rights.

For more information, visit the Generation Equality Forum websiteand the UN Women website.

publié le 17/04/2020

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