International Day against Nuclear Tests: France is committed to the prohibition of nuclear tests (29 August 2017) [fr]

France reaffirms the importance and urgency of prohibiting all nuclear explosions as provided for in the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).

France, alongside the United Kingdom, was the first nuclear-weapon state to sign, in 1996, and ratify, in 1998, the CTBT. It is committed to the prohibition of nuclear tests, which is one of our top priorities in the area of nuclear disarmament. France urges all states that have not signed or ratified the CTBT to do so as swiftly as possible in order to contribute to international peace and security, as reaffirmed by UNSCR 2310 adopted on September 23, 2016.

France is actively committed to nuclear disarmament:

- it was the first state to have decided to close and dismantle its facilities for the production of fissile material used in nuclear weapons;
- it is the only nuclear-weapon state to have dismantled its nuclear test site in a transparent manner;
- it is the only state to have dismantled its ground-launched nuclear missiles;
- it is the only state to have voluntarily reduced the number of its nuclear-powered ballistic-missile submarines by a third;
- it has reduced the number of nuclear weapons, missiles and aircraft in its airborne component by a third.

publié le 30/04/2020

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