North Korea - Adoption of resolution 2375 (11 September 2017) [fr]

France welcomes the Security Council’s unanimous adoption, on September 11, of resolution 2375, which strengthens sanctions against North Korea.

Resolution 2375 freezes the assets and imposes a travel ban on an individual and three new entities. It contains substantive measures expanding sanctions to additional sectors of the North Korean economy: It prohibits the import of textiles produced in North Korea, bans gas exports, and sets a limit on the exports of petroleum products and crude oil to that country. It also strengthens the possibility of inspecting ships on the high seas. Finally, it strengthens prohibitions on employing North Korean workers abroad and demands the closing of joint ventures with North Korea, with certain exceptions determined by the Security Council.

In view of the regional and international security threat represented by the continuation of North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic programs in violation of Security Council resolutions, a firm and united response by the international community is necessary to preserve the non-proliferation regime and prevent escalation.

publié le 15/09/2017

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