North Korea – Ballistic missile launch (28 July 2017) [fr]

France strongly condemns the latest intercontinental ballistic missile launch by North Korea today which reportedly fell in Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

This further serious violation of the UN Security Council resolutions poses a threat to regional and international security.

This launch, like the one conducted by North Korea on July 4, demonstrates the North Korean regime’s determination to place the entire international community within range of its missiles. This therefore constitutes a major step toward the illegal development of ballistic missiles by this country.

The continuation of the North Korean nuclear and ballistic program poses an increasing and unacceptable threat to everyone. France calls for a firm response on the part of the international community and for the adoption of ambitious autonomous measures, in accordance with the recent conclusions adopted at the Foreign Affairs Council on July 17.

The only way to bring North Korea back to the negotiation table is by exerting maximum diplomatic pressure. France therefore calls on its partners to unite in support of exerting major pressure before North Korea manages to acquire an arsenal of operational nuclear weapons and their vector systems.

publié le 18/08/2017

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