Presentation of UNIDIR [fr]

UNIDIR is an intergovernmental organization from the United Nations framework leading researches on disarmament, non-proliferation and security in order to support the international community’s thinking and initiatives.

UNIDIR considers current issues as well as future challenges in varied fields such as but not limited to nuclear-weapon-free zones, security in outer space, tactical nuclear weapons, the security of refugees, the cyber war, confidence-building measures at the regional level or small arms and light weapons.

Collaborating with researchers, diplomats, government representatives, non-governmental organisations and other institutions, UNIDIR serves as a link between the researchers community and the UN member states. The Institute activities are funded on the UN budget and by the voluntary contributions that certain governments and different institutions make.

UNIDIR is established in Geneva, principal centre of negotiations on security and disarmament, headquarters to the Conference on Disarmament.

France, since the creation of UNIDIR which it initiated, maintains a constant support to the Institute. It also carries the five-year resolution of the United Nations General Assembly to renew the international community’s support for the Institute.

publié le 19/06/2020

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