Presentation of the DCAF [fr]

The Geneva Center for Security Sector Governance was created in October 2000 following the initiative of the Swiss government. Its mission is to encourage and support the states and the non-governmental institutions in the efforts deployed to reinforce the civil and democratic control upon the armed and security forces, as well as promoting a reform of the security field in accordance with the democratic norms.

To complete those goals, the Centre collects informations and undertakes researches to identify problems. It also gathers the accumulated experience on the field to suggest the best practices in the area of democratic governance and the reform of the security sector. The latter brings together the armed forces, the police, the paramilitary forces, the domestic security and the intelligence services, the border-guards, the parliamentary and governmental control structures and finally the civil society. The Centre provides qualified and adapted advice, and brings its support on the field to all the parties involved, notably to rulers, to parliaments, to international and non-governmental organisations but also to the academic world. The DCAF is particularly willing to encourage and to support the”self-help” principle as well as playing the role of an intermediate, by putting together states which have already been through a transition process to those who just engaged into them.

The DCAF is an international foundation governed by Swiss law. Its foundation Council is constituted of 63 member States and the Canton of Geneva. The Council president is the French Ambassador Véronique Bujon-Barré.

The Director of the Centre is the Swiss Ambassador Thomas Guerber. The DCAF staff is about more than 200 people (representing 30 different nationalities), working in Geneva or in field offices.

The DCAF benefits from the graciously granted contributions of certain member States, also members of the foundation Council.

The French contribution is mainly constituted of financing projects and the provision of a military advisor. France also participates in the development of major strategic orientations as a member of the DCAF Bureau and Foundation Council.

publié le 19/06/2020

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