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The Foundation for Strategic Research is a foundation declared of public utility. Independent research centre, it realizes studies for French ministries and agencies, European institutions, international organizations and businesses. It contributes to the strategic debate in France and abroad.

The Foundation for Strategic Research carries out its activities in complete independence. It is mainly funded by benefits and works realized on a contractual basis for its public and private partners :
-  Ministries of Defence, of Foreign and European Affairs, Prime Minister…
-  Public agencies (CEA, CERN, INSERM, ONERA, ANR…)
-  Europeans institutions (Commission, European parliament, European Spatial Agency, Secretariat of the Council…)
-  International organisations (United Nations, NATO…)
-  French and foreign businesses

The Foundation for Strategic Research has a multidisciplinary team of around thirty permanent and associate researchers : strategic and international experts, political scientists, engineers, scientific and former military professionals.

Its field of expertise covers the complete spectrum of security and defence matters – from the analysis of the techno-operational aspects to the fine knowledge of strategic zones, but also the defence economy or the analysis of transversal risks as the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

An actor of the strategic debate

The Foundation for Strategic Research has also the mission to develop informations regarding defence and security by ensuring the publication of works related to strategic thinking. It broadcasts studies on defence problems and contributes to the national and international strategic debate. Its website, its publications and events organization are the concrete translation of this commitment within the debate.

The Foundation publishes several publication collections, conference proceedings and collections available online.

Finally, the « FSR Workshops » gather every two months an audience of several hundreds of participants around fifteen French or foreign high level speakers : politicians, senior officials, military professionals, scholars and representatives of civil society. It also organizes every year several dozens of conferences and restricted seminars.


Source : Website of the FSR

publié le 03/08/2016

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