Presentation of the ISRMS [fr]

Created in 2010, the Institute for Strategic Research at the Military School (ISRMS) is the organization of strategic research of the Ministry of Defence.

Joining together scholars and military professionals, the ISRMS has the following goals :

- realising open studies in the field of strategic research of defence and security ;
- reinforcing the link between defence and strategic research, especially with scholars, notably by maintaining a network of young researchers on defence and security matters ;
- contributing to university military teaching ;
- supporting the radiance of the French strategic thinking to the national, international (including European) basis ;
- contributing to the institutional, public and academid debate on defense, strategy and security matters.

Furthermore, it publishes a scientific journal.

The ISRMS is organised in three teams : a managing team, a research team and a research assistance team.


Source : ISRMS website

publié le 03/08/2016

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