Report of the UN Secretary-General on improsived explosive devices (IED)

PNGOn July 17, the United Nations Secretary-General published his last report on improvised explosive devices (IEDs) . IEDs remain a significant concern to the international community and are a cross-cutting challenge that requires a multifaceted approach.

The indiscriminate use of IEDs causes thousands of casualties every year. According to the report, the use of IEDs in urban areas today is "alarming". It mentions especially the use of IEDs to target health care systems and calls for an "urgent response". This constitutes a violation of international humanitarian law that we condemn in the strongest terms.

France is fully involved in the fight against IEDs. With Afghanistan and Australia, we are a co-author of the biennial resolution on IEDs that will be presented this year to the UN General Assembly. Co-coordinating with Colombia the group of experts on IEDs within the Convention on certain Conventional Weapons (CCW), France also supports numerous research projects and initiatives on this subject, such as the UNIDIR Counter-IED Capability Maturity Model and Self-Assessment Tool launched in June 2020.

publié le 01/09/2020

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