The European Sustainable Development Week comes to the French Mission

The European Sustainable Development Week (ESDW) took place this year from 30 May to 5 June 2019 on the theme "Beat Air Pollution".


This was the opportunity for the Permanent Missions of France in Geneva to organize, as part of the "Green Embassy" project, a week of awareness-raising among agents on topics related to sustainable development. The objective of the "Green Embassy" project is to reduce the Mission’s ecological footprint and thus its success and credibility depend primarily on the agents themselves. It is therefore essential to encourage agents to adopt greener practices on a daily basis.

The aim of this "green" week was to gently change everyone’s behaviour and habits by making Mission staff aware of sustainable development issues and informing them through fun workshops on green behaviour that can be adopted on a daily basis.

The Sustainable Development Week, what is it ?

This "green" week at the Mission was divided into three parts :

  • Sharing with agents useful awareness factsheets on various themes in order to inform them about the diversity of issues related to sustainable development : air quality, eco-food, resource management, internet pollution, migration and conflicts, etc...
  • The organization of "sustainable development" workshops every day of the week : informative presentation on the issue of air pollution, quizzes on sustainable development issues allowing agents to test their knowledge on the subject, Canadian vegan buffet to introduce everyone to eco-food, "zero waste" workshop to learn how to give a second life to everyday objects that we think should be throwaway...
  • The organization of an internal competition to introduce agents to the ecogests of everyday life in a fun way and ultimately aim to change behaviour towards more eco-responsible practices.

What’s the outcome of this sustainable development week ?

Overall, the results of this unprecedented week at the French Permanent Mission in Geneva are very positive.

The participants appreciated the fun aspect of the proposed activities, which invites everyone to reflect on the ecological impact of everyday practices and actions without prescribing new behaviours in a coercive manner. Some have adopted new habits that they intend to continue applying after this "green" week.

This sustainable development week organized at the Mission as part of the "Green Embassy" project seeks to be part of the long term by inviting all agents to reflect on the ecological impact of their daily actions in order to change behaviour over time.

To learn more, download below the factsheet (in french) on Internet pollution :

PDF - 566.8 ko
Fiche Pratique sur la pollution internet
(PDF - 566.8 ko)

publié le 26/06/2019

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