What’s the "Green embassy" project ?

Since April 2019, the permanent missions of France in Geneva, which share the same premises, are committed to reducing their environmental impact as part of the "Green Embassy" project.


What are the objectives ?

Launched in 2015 in the run-up to COP21, the « Green Embassy » project is a comprehensive and progressive approach to reducing the environmental footprint of French diplomatic missions abroad. France wishes to strengthen its commitment to sustainable development, make the diplomatic network a showcase for French know-how, improve the management and performance of posts and make savings, as well as achieve carbon neutrality.

There are numerous challenges :

  • Reduce GHG (greenhouse gases) emissions
  • Control energy and water consumption
  • Promoting renewable energies
  • Promote more sustainable purchasing
  • Encouraging sustainable mobility
  • Protecting biodiversity and the environment
  • Reduce and sort waste
  • Raise awareness internally and externally of sustainable development

To address these important challenges, the permanent missions in Geneva carried out a diagnosis of their environmental impact in 2019. Conducted by trained engineers, this diagnosis identified the points on which greater eco-responsibility is necessary and possible.

Based on this precise and detailed assessment of their strengths and weaknesses in terms of sustainable development, the Permanent Representations have drawn up an action plan defining the strategies and measures to be applied in the short, medium and long term to reduce their environmental impact in five areas : energy, water, mobility, purchasing and waste.

As a result, eight actions were established :

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of electrical energy ;
  • Optimize heating efficiency and improve building insulation ;
  • Reduce water consumption and its carbon impact ;
  • Promote more environmentally friendly modes of transportation ;
  • To have better control and management of the waste produced ;
  • Opting for a sustainable and eco-responsible purchasing strategy ;
  • Enhance biodiversity and better manage green spaces ;
  • Raise awareness of eco-responsible actions among employees.


Finally, the French Permanent Representations in Geneva have joined the 2050 Today network, which commits international Geneva institutions to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 by tracking the efforts made by diplomatic missions to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

publié le 11/03/2021

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